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David Lynch praises Kanye West: 'His songs are powerful and beautiful'

'Twin Peaks' creator and transcendental meditation fan David Lynch has revealed that he admires rapper Kanye West for writing such 'powerful' songs. 

The acclaimed director recently held a talk at the Brooklyn Academy of Music and opened up about one of West's tracks in particular, entitled 'Blood On The Leaves', and admitted that he thinks it blends power with beauty really well:

"I love 'Blood On The Leaves,' I just think it's one of the most modern pieces and so minimal, so powerful but at the same time so beautiful. It's a great, great song."

Lynch also went on to share his love for Jimi Hendrix, adding that he is constantly blown away by how he became one with the guitar when he played: "He may be the best guitar player. I've seen the film of Jimi Hendrix at Monterey Pop, and that's when, I guess, a lot of people first saw him. And he and the guitar are one, absolutely one."

"I love Jimi Hendrix, but later on, like everybody else, I came to appreciate him more and more and more, and what he can get out of the guitar. So he took it to another place that all the guitar players – the great ones – they say he took it to another place. Fantastic."

Listen to 'Blood On The Leaves' by Kanye West, which features on his album 'Yeezus', below: