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David Lynch on 'Crazy Clown Time', his fear of performing live and hating "the idea of singing"

Creative mastermind David Lynch has opened up about kicking off a solo career in music at the age of 65 and revealed that he has enjoyed working on his debut studio album, 'Crazy Clown Time' immensely. 

The iconic figure explained to Billboard that while music is something he's incredibly passionate about, he has something of a fear when it comes to performing live and admitted that he's not ready "emotionally" for that just yet:

"I'm finding it really good. I'm not touring. I'm not playing live. It's a studio experience... I've been working on music through the years and it's Sunday Best Recordings which came along and wanted to get the music out. Their enthusiasm was what really catapulted it coming out."

"In the future it (performing live) could be possible. I think emotionally I'm not quite ready to do that and technically [I'm] even further away."

Lynch, who is most well-known for his cult series 'Twin Peaks' and quirky movies 'Blue Velvet' and 'Mulholland Drive', also admitted that he hates to sing and it makes him very uncomfortable, adding:

"I hated the idea of singing. I never wanted to sing. Ever. [But] I started getting kind of infatuated with this high voice and singing [about] these characters. I don't know quite how it happened."

"The only person I sing in front of is Dean [Hurley, studio engineer and key collaborator on the album]. I sometimes sing a little bit to Emily, my wife, but I'm even embarrassed singing in front of her."

Listen to Lynch's 'Speed Roadster' and his collaboration with Karen O on 'Pinky's Dream' below:


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