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Demi Lovato worried for fans' safety after they form heart tribute on road

Demi Lovato told her fans to stay safe after she spotted them from her hotel window forming a heart shape for her on a road.

The singer is currently in Brazil as she takes her Neon Lights tour to South America.

However, she got a fright when she heard fans in the early hours of the morning chanting her name.

Lovato spotted them forming a human heart shape for her - in the middle of the road. She took to Twitter to say:

"I can't sleep cause it's 4am & my Lovatics are chanting my name... So I look out at THIS... GET OUT OF THE STREET!!

She added: "I love you guys but OH MY GOD!!!! PLEASE DON'T!!! That's so dangerous!!! I love you... Now I need/have to/gonna sleep...Nite nite. Silent kisses!!!! Shhhhh don't get in trouble!!!"

Lovato meanwhile is scheduled to perform a one-off show at London's Koko on June 1.




Watch Demi Lovato perform in Brazil below: