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Demi Lovato tells fans that 'life is so much more than cool pictures for Instagram'

'Neon Lights' songstress Demi Lovato has revealed that people are too wrapped up in how they're perceived by others and she worries they might be missing out on enjoying their own lives because of this preoccupation.

Writing on her official Twitter page in the early hours of this morning (July 14), the beauty explained that people should be less concerned with how their life appears to other people and more involved in making it something they're content with.

Writing on the social networking site, Lovato confessed: "Life is so much more than cool pictures for Instagram. Enjoy your world."

Over the weekend, meanwhile, the superstar shared a photograph of her hand giving a thumbs up with another mystery hand and asked fans to guess who she has just recorded a duet with, tweeting: "Recorded a KILLER duet today.... Can you guess who it was with???"

Back in June, Lovato opened up about getting sober and added that she regrets feeling the need to 'get wasted' in order to have fun because she really enjoys her life now without drugs and alcohol: "Sometimes I look back and wish I would've realised I never had to drink or use to have fun...I laugh more sober than I ever did wasted."

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