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Demi Lovato: 'I want people to know it's okay to have a mental illness'

'Really Don't Care' sensation Demi Lovato has opened up about her struggles with mental illness and revealed that she hopes the stigma will one day be removed. 

Speaking to People magazine, the songstress explained that it's a great thing to ask for help when you need it and she wants more people to feel as though having a mental illness is "okay": "I just think mental illness is something people need to learn more about. I want people to know it's okay to ask for help and it's okay to have a mental illness."

The beauty, who has just launched her very own record label with superstar Nick Jonas, went onto add that since facing up to her problems she feels that she has a better understanding of how to handle and face them: "I'm doing really well. I'm successful, but most importantly I'm healthy and happy, and I do not let my disease define who I am."

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