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Demi Lovato opens up about being a bridesmaid for Iggy Azalea

Superstar Demi Lovato will be Iggy Azalea's bridesmaid when the 'Change Your Life' sensation gets married next year and has opened up about performing the duty for her close pal. 

She admitted to E! News that her friendship with the rapper means so much to her that she would even willingly step into a "peach fluffy shoulder dress" for the occasion, joking: "I hope not, but it's for a day, so I will do whatever she wants."

Speaking to SiriusXM's Hits 1 this month, Lovato confessed that she doesn't expect Azalea's bachelorette party to be a wild affair: "The bachelorette party will probably consist of pizza and knitting. I literally have knitted with her but she didn't knit back. She was like you have to teach me. That's how boring we are. I was there when Nick proposed to her and she was like, 'You're going to be a bridesmaid!' I was like 'Don't get my hopes up. I hope you're serious."

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Watch Iggy Azalea try on a wedding gown here: