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Demi Lovato criticises Perez Hilton over Lindsay Lohan media coverage

Demi Lovato has defended Lindsay Lohan after she was arrested for alleged assault.

The actress was recently detained on suspicion of attacking a female at a New York nightclub.

X Factor USA judge Lovato was irked on Twitter after reading a story about Lohan on celebrity website Perez Hilton, tweeting the blogger: "Hey how about you just leave her alone? Instead of kicking someone while they're down?"

Hilton then replied: "The media (me) is not harming Lindsay. She is doing that to herself. She needs to take #accountability before she will get better. She has been given chance after chance after chance to redeem herself and make good. Yet she's like a broken record...And she doesn't get any 'free pass' because her parents are both incredibly dysfunctional. She's an adult, not a child or teen."

He continued: "I do wish Lindsay well and hope she is able to sort out her issues for good before she ends up like her idol, Marilyn Monroe."

The Twitter debate ended on a slightly more positive vibe, with Lovato tweeting: "I know you're doing your job. But I like reading your site for the funny, uplifting random videos of babies or animals better."




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