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Demi Lovato: 'Cher Lloyd and I collaborated via Skype'

'Skyscraper' beauty Demi Lovato has opened up about her new album, 'Demi', and revealed that she collaborated with British singer Cher Lloyd via Skype on the song, 'Really Don't Care'.

Speaking exclusively to Digital Spy, Lovato explained that the duet was a long-distance thing that came together through an online video chatting program:

"I remember working on that song with her on Skype - how mad is that we can do that these days?! We met when she performed on 'The X Factor' last year - she's so sweet and super cool. As for working together again, you never know!"

The superstar will perform a concert in London this week (on May 31) and confessed that it is a one-off date because she doesn't know when she will have time for a full tour thanks to her packed schedule:

"Right now there are no plans to tour in the UK or anywhere - not even in the US. You never know, I say that now and then I'll end up going on tour! I've got so many commitments and this summer I'm getting my tonsils out, so there's a whole process with that. It's a little bit of a bummer but I'm sure I'll be fine within a few weeks - things could be worse!"





Watch Lovato and Lloyd perform the song together at a recent festival here: