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Demi Lovato: "My fans have helped me in many ways"

Demi Lovato has revealed the gratitude she holds for her fans for helping her personally.

The singer and X Factor USA judge has endured a number of life problems over recent years, such as an eating disorder.

Speaking to BBC Radio 1, the 'Heart Attack' star said that she feels her legions of devotees have helped her avoid relapsing into her old habits. She said:

"My fans have helped me in many ways. One, because whenever I have struggled and thought about going back to bad habits like anyone does that struggles with an eating disorder, there’s been times when I have contemplated what am I really doing."

Lovato added: "Do I really have a problem and then I think to myself yeah my fans are holding me accountable and I have to stay strong for them."

The singer added that honesty is the way forward, saying: "I’ve been honest about the things that I’ve been through and because of that a lot of people have learnt from my mistakes and the things that I’ve been open about. I think that’s been what’s brought me and my fans closer together."





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