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Demi Lovato praises 'inspirational' Ed Sheeran

'Heart Attack' sensation Demi Lovato has revealed that she recently fell in love with Ed Sheeran's music and finds the talented British singer-songwriter "inspiring". 

Speaking to Billboard about her admiration for the 'Lego House' hitmaker, Lovato confessed that his style is so warm and inviting, and she thinks he's very talented:

"I'm always a fan of Paramore, but lately I've been listening to a lot of Ed Sheeran and Bon Iver."

The beauty also admitted that she's currently working on the stage and set design for her upcoming Neon Lights tour, and added that she's taking Sheeran's live appeal into consideration for her own series of concerts because of his musicianship and ability to captivate audiences with just himself and a guitar:

"I'm in the process of figuring it [her tour] out, and because I play instruments, it comes easier than if I didn't. If I do it right, I'll get in all the hits and the songs that I'm most proud of that represent my style -- 'Heart Attack' and 'In Case,' which is just me and a piano."

"That's the message I want people to hear, that there's more than catchy songs released as singles. The album [tracks] should get more attention. That's why Ed Sheeran is so inspiring -- it's not just about pop songs."






Watch Lovato being presented with her VEVO Certified award below: