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Demi Lovato’s warning over KimYe marriage: "If he doesn't treat her well, I'm going to come after him"

Demi Lovato has issued a warning to Kanye West following the ‘Yeezus’ rapper’s proposal to reality show star Kim Kardashian.

Speaking to E! News Online Lovato stated: “I've told Kanye before that if he doesn't treat her well, I'm going to come after him.”

Kanye West elaborately proposed to Kardashian earlier this week. West’s proposal involved a baseball stadium, an orchestra and a large diamond ring.

Talking about her relationship with Kim, the ‘Let It Go’ singer explained: “I've known Kim for years and she's been such a good friend to me during some really hard times.”

Demi also expressed her approval of West’s engagement ceremony and excitement to toast the bride-to-be: “She deserves that Giants stadium! Thanks for telling me - now I can go congratulate her!”

Following her acceptance of Kanye’s proposal Kim Kardashian pronounced herself to be “the luckiest girl in the world”.





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