SAM EVANS & FRIENDS release single 'Wide River to Cross': July 21st

Single launch - Palmeira in Hove on release date

A beautifully eclectic mix of musicians (including rock guitarists, an RPO cellist and the drummer from a RATM tribute band on piano!) have come together though Facebook and the internet, out of the kindness in their hearts to help musician Sam Evans put together a track in aid of UNICEF – raising money for children and families caught up in war and famine throughout the world. 

We have all witnessed the recent and ongoing tragedy of refugees attempting to make a new life somewhere safe from war and persecution. Not all of us are able to draw inspiration from this and create something magical and musical in a heartfelt attempt to try and help raise awareness of the situation. Sam Evans & Friends have done exactly that.

Sam explains: I originally had the idea when I read about the one year anniversary of the death of Alan Kurdi – the 3 year old Syrian child whose photograph of him washed up dead on the beach seemed to have a profound effect on people both in the UK and around the world. But then 1 year on, everyone was so focussed on Brexit and Trump that no one was talking about refugees anymore. Then Theresa May reneged on the promise to take in 3000 of them and America put a ban on all refugees from Syria. It’s now nearly 2 years since that photo purportedly changed peoples’ opinions and we seem to be moving even further away from helping anyone. There’s a line in this song “even the strongest soldier falls” – and I picture that image every time I sing it.

It is a powerful and unforgettable image.  With that in mind Sam Evans & Friends recorded a cover of Buddy Miller’s song Wide River To Cross in aid of UNICEF and their ongoing efforts to help children– including refugee children- around the world.  Sam explains that it was not hard to get people interested in helping him with his idea. Quite the contrary. As he explains: 

I made a demo and sent it round to loads of musicians that I’d worked with over the years and got in touch via Facebook.  Everyone came back really positively and almost everyone I asked managed to record their bits and send them to me.  The agency that looks after my functions band – Alive Network – then agreed to mix and master it for me for free in their studio in Stoke.  I was then introduced to Jack Hobbs from Jacket records who agreed to film a live session for me in an incredible setting at his studio in Hertfordshire, and another load of brilliant musicians all donated their time for that as well.

In this crazy uncertain world, it is refreshing and heart-warming that people will pull together to help others in their time of need.

Wide River to Cross is out 21st July

Launch event is at the Palmeira in Hove on release date.


UNICEF is a worldwide children’s charity providing education, clean water, vaccines, disaster relief and protection from violence to children in 190 countries including Syria and East Africa.

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