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“Tears of Happiness: The beautiful bastard children of Depeche Mode and Calvin Harris - songs which will have you punching the air while crying your eyes out. As an antidote to life on Planet Trump, their arrival couldn’t be better timed.” - Paul Moody, Q Magazine

Tears of Happiness is a new exciting collaboration between singer songwriter Me'da and producer/artist LCamz.

This duo has created their own style of Electronic Dance Pop that takes you on a musical journey that does not disappoint. Break-up albums are often the most powerful. From Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Rumours’ to Kanye West’s ‘808’s & Heartbreak’, the best artists channel their emotional torment into music with universal appeal.

“The catalyst for the band was my relationship falling apart,” explains singer and lyricist Me’da. “I tried to keep things together but it wasn’t meant to be. So I rang LCamz and asked if I could come and pour my heart out in his vocal booth. Everything has spiralled from there.”

It’s been just over a year since that cathartic first session together. In that time, this Home Counties based duo - made up of Me’da and charismatic studio boffin LCamz - have set up their own label SHUSH Records as an initial outlet for distributing their music. Initial reactions have sparked feverish excitement among industry insiders about their imminent record releases. The reason? A sound which combines the existential clout of Depeche Mode with the euphoric uplift of Calvin Harris.

“We want to make adult dance music,” explains Me’da. “We call it electronic dance pop. Lyrically, the songs are about what we and our circle of friends are going through. They deal with real issues. We’re very positive people, but sometimes you get to the stage where you’re not sure where life is taking you.”

Boasting disparate influences - Me’da namechecks Orbital, Aphex Twin, Rudimental and John Newman; LCamz enthuses about Kendrick Lamar, R Kelly, Muse and Coldplay - ToH’s formation feels like a case of musical serendipity.

ToH’s music hits both the head and the feet, but it tugs remorselessly on the heartstrings, too, as the band themselves discovered during recording. ‘Lose This Feeling’ is no exception. As the band say:

“‘Lose This Feeling’ is the song that will see stadiums lit up by glo-sticks. With lyrics like: “I’m gonna go deep inside of my bones and rectify my soul” over an exquisite musical framework, it’s nothing short of a hymn to dance floor absolution. This song is about finding your way back to the person you were born to be and not the person you were led to be. It hits both the head and the feet, but it tugs remorselessly on the heartstrings. It will have you punching the air while crying your eyes out.”


May 17, 2018 9:19am ET by Digital Rebel PR  

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