I Am Senti releases debut single 'Not With Me'


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#WHOISSENTI: Senti is a singer/songwriter from London, UK but other than that she is an enigma. As a new music artist entering the scene, unleashing her music with subtlety and mystery. All we truly know is that her debut song ‘Not With Me’ is out now and is a song everyone can relate to when it comes to betrayal and loss. And sweet revenge.

Straight out of the mean streets of South London, Senti experienced a hard upbringing that build character and wisdom which she expertly transforms into emotional musical story telling. Each song is written with a purpose and is a page from the story of her highly compacted and detailed life.

The message of ‘Not With Me’ is about those of us who have been in a relationship where the other half feels the grass is greener on the other side but then regrets the move and wishes they were with their original partner. As Senti says: “I wrote the single from my own life experience having a partner who lost interest in me due to interest in other women, our relationship went sour so I re-invented myself, changed my life and lived for the better. I became stronger and more confident enjoying my new outlook in life and the way I lived. Following a chance meeting, my ex- and I bumped in to each other and he saw how I had blossomed in to someone new and different.” Of course, her ex wanted her even more now she had grown and recovered from him. Revenge of sorts: Life is bittersweet like that.

So who IS Senti? Well a clue comes from her artist name which she took from the word ‘sentimental’: many of her compositions are based on emotional experiences in her life. So Senti may be a mystery girl, deliberately clouding her public persona in mystique but one thing is clear – she has a definite handle on the turbulent feelings we all experience in our lives.


November 25, 2018 12:17pm ET by Digital Rebel PR  

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