Multinational pop rock band Caravan Dream release their debut album 'Fantasy' today

The latest from the Multinational band, born in the Middle East, is a stunning collection of electronic pop songs, full of adventurous soundscapes and huge hooks


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Caravan Dream are: Hadi Assoum (Lead Guitars & Piano), Radi El Zouhby (Lead Vocals & Guitars), Rami El Zouhby (Bass Guitars) & Oleksandr Banashko (Drums) - a four piece multinational Rock band formed in 2019 in the Middle East while living as expats in Qatar. The band is an embodiment of many eclectic musical influences ranging from Rock, Pop, Psychedelic Rock, Funk, Hardrock and Metal, all fused together in an incredible musical melting pot of credible pop rock. The band release their debut album “Fantasy” on 13th October 2022.

It was during the rigours and uncertainties of the various lockdowns at the beginning of the COVID19 pandemic that the band transformed from what was essentially a covers band, into a whole new creation. Hadi had penned an original composition inspired by the heroes of the pandemic “Heroes Dreams” which was then arranged and self-produced by the band. It was then, looking for a ‘liberation’ or ‘journey’ from the broken dreams left behind in their homes in Lebanon & Ukraine, they decided to call themselves Caravan Dream. It was a defining moment.

The album “Fantasy” is a collection of distinctly modern, thoroughly unique takes on modern pop/rock. Thoughtful, uplifting, and universal in its messages, the album will resonate with listeners everywhere and showcases their gift for using music as a unifying force around the world. Each of the tracks has a distinctive life and personality of its own.

“Moonlight” , is spacious, grandiose, and almost esoteric in its form. “Fantasy” provides a ‘perfect virtual space’ that we can all retreat to and escape the harshness of the real world. “Constellation” is an intricate instrumental cosmic dream, punctuated with soaring vocals, “Lines” is dark and groovy while “Home” is a true power ballad. “Rock n Roll Girl” is a female empowerment anthem. Meanwhile, “Into Your Maze” reveals the band’s ability to compose stadium sized melodies, with a more overtly rock tone to underscore the sense of inner turmoil and conflicts.

Caravan Dream are the sum of all genres, music, countries and reflections on the world around us. Their album “Fantasy” is a musical haven where we can hide from the troubles around us and find musical joy in a safe space.

1 Moonlight
2 Fantasy
3 Constellation
4 Lines
5 Home
6 Rock And Roll Girl
7 Into Your Maze

October 13, 2022 6:50am ET by Digital Rebel PR  

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