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Dirty Loops Q&A: 'The melody of songs is the most important thing to us'

With tunes that straddle pop, fusion, soul and jazz, Swedish trio Dirty Loops are one of the most exciting acts to emerge in recent years.

The gifted musicians released their debut album 'Loopified' earlier this summer and Pressparty caught up with bassist Henrik Linder to find out more.

Your sound often juggles pop with fusion/jazz. Is it a conscious effort to try to encourage fusion fans to listen to pop and vice-versa?

Not really - the band started as a hobby project. We never really thought anyone would listen to us. We just did what we felt like doing. 

What are your own personal music tastes like?

It varies from person to person, but we have some things in common like Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Pat Metheny Group, Toto, Brecker Brothers etc.

What influences do you bring to your music?

We try to bring all our influences in our music, but one part that's not brought up that much is a lot of classical music, especially for the arrangements.

Do you take the pop side of your music just as a seriously as the more intricate jazz/fusion aspect?

Absolutely. The melody of the songs is the most important to us, so that's always what we start with. All the songs on the album were more straight-up pop songs when we wrote them. The Loopifying is the second stage, and that's where we add our sound to it.




You've covered acts like Avicii and Lady Gaga in the past - what artists are you thinking of covering in the future? Or are you thinking of moving away from that?

Right now we're focusing on our original work as that's the most fun at the moment, but we're always up for suggestions.

Was your debut album 'Loopified' as fun to record as it sounds?

Yeah it was - there's always been a great vibe going in the band overall, so most things are fun.  

Do you see the band becoming even more technically challenging in the future or will you stick with the pop-themed sound?

We don't really know. We never over-think those things too much - we more did what was fun at the moment. We will always challenge ourselves to come up with new stuff.

You're due to tour North America in October and November. Why should the public come and check out your live show?

I think we have a pretty unique sound (as all bands think [laughs]). We also changed a lot of things about our show during our rehearsal week and the show's just bigger, fatter and better than something we've ever done before. So I would recommend everyone in the world to go to it [laughs].

Why do you think so much musical talent comes out of Sweden? It seems to be pretty special...

One big reason is the culture of schools in Sweden. It's as easy to start playing an instrument as to join a sports team. It's very cheap as well, so it's kind of a try-out if you want to keep doing it. Also it's quite easy to get a rehearsal studio so there's always been a lot of bands in Sweden.

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