Disco Dicks Set Forth On A Journey In Debut Studio Album "Radio Frankenstein"


Disco Dicks

This Friday (18 November 2022) German/Dutch duo Disco Dicks finally release their debut album "Radio Frankenstein".

Disco Dicks spent the last three years working on the album in their rusty spaceship with a single concrete purpose: find the right blend of electronic dance element and organic performance.

In "Radio Frankenstein", the double-dick duo embarks on a journey through space and time to find out what rock'n'roll, dance and disco have in common.

They hand-picked "Radio Frankenstein" from clandestine live music heritage of the forbidden archives concealed in the XXIII century Mannheim. Now they bring "Radio Frankenstein" to mankind as a supernova on an epic journey far beyond the event horizon.

As they’re spacing, tripping, smoothing and raving to wherever they feel like taking it, Disco Dicks invite us to join them on their journey. A journey that can only be a journey when we are travelling together.

Let's take them by the hand and have a look inside.


Disco Dicks are the opposite of your dental insurance with lifetime care. Disco Dicks are two astronauts with rusty spacesuits and dust in the engine of their rocket that can only do one setting - full speed ahead.

The two future-retro-lovers put their space-cart before the horse. Kicking a hole in your stomach area with rugged guitar riffs and organically pulsating drum grooves. Uncovering what rock 'n' roll,
dance and disco have in common, back to the future style.

A little too much glitter, maybe a little too much space pomade in the hair - but enough energy to give the workers of a nuclear power plant a week off. They have more punch than Mike Tyson's left hand, more dirt than your local sex shop and maybe just as much style as your mom had back in the 80s.

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November 18, 2022 7:00pm ET by Disco Dicks  

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