What Goes in Must Come Out! New Discovery Series "This Came Out of Me"

Takes Audiences Deep Inside Extreme and Unusual Medical Emergencies


Discovery and Science Channel

Working in the Emergency Room is all about rolling with the punches and is not for the squeamish. For the doctors and nurses at the 21 SignatureCare Emergency Center locations throughout Texas, it's a chance to take on the challenge of helping people with painful, unusual, and sometimes even gruesome emergency cases. In an all-new series that the question 'how did that get there?' audiences will be guided by fashion model turned ER physician, Dr. Ruby Rose, one of twenty-one medical directors who oversee these freestanding ERs. She will treat us to everyday situations in which things end up in places they just shouldn't be - from a monster bug getting stuck in a patient's ear to a piece of concrete getting trapped in a patient's leg, what goes in must come out! THIS CAME OUT OF ME premieres Sunday, Jan. 2 at 9PM ET/PT on Discovery Channel.

THIS CAME OUT OF ME is a behind-the-scenes look inside the world of emergency medicine, where draining a cyst in an unusual location or removing a workplace tool pierced through the hand is just another day at the office. Dr. Rose guides us through the multiple emergency facilities based out of Odessa, Austin, Midland, Houston, and other locations, where she and other skilled physicians resolve these Texas-sized medical emergencies.

Throughout the season of THIS CAME OUT OF ME, these dedicated medical professionals take on everyday cases, from a painful ingrown toenail to a broken arm, to unusual situations such as a speck of metal in the eye and a toddler who says she swallowed her princess doll. The unforgettable premiere spotlights Charlotte, a toddler who has wound up with a bead stuck up her nose that must be removed before she inhales the foreign body; Juan, a mechanic who heads to the ER when his hand is accidentally impaled with a tool while working on a car engine; Willis, who is suffering from an unruly abscess that has unfortunately taken root on his rear-end; Frank who is treated for a deep laceration on his index finger; and John, who is experiencing painful swelling in a very delicate area...

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THIS CAME OUT OF ME is produced for Discovery Channel by Texas Crew Productions where Eric Begley, David Karabinas, Evan Goldstein and Brad Bernstein are executive producers. For Discovery Channel, Wyatt Channell, Caroline Perez and Scott Lewers are executive producers and Andrew Lessner is producer.

December 9, 2021 2:00pm ET by Discovery and Science Channel  

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