Singles Take Cues from the Animal Kingdom in All-New Series "Love in the Jungle"


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Animals have courtship down to a science. Millions of animal species have tried-and-true techniques for finding a mate. Their rituals and mating displays are diverse, ostentatious, and to humans, sometimes outright nonsensical... but their effectiveness cannot be denied. Without a doubt, animals know how to find a mate. It begs the question: is the key to finding true love mating like animals, rather than dating like humans?

In a ground-breaking new series that pushes the dating scene into the world of nature, fourteen unlucky-in-love singles are ready to test that theory as they participate in mating rituals pulled straight from the animal kingdom - and do so with little to no verbal communication. For these singles, it's the chance to unleash their inner animals and hone their natural instincts in the ultimate pursuit of true love.

The all-new series, LOVE IN THE JUNGLE, launches globally on Sunday, May 8 exclusively on discovery+. Follow @discoveryplus on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and YouTube for exclusive digital extras, behind-the-scenes footage and more from the cast of #LoveintheJungle.

As if finding love in modern society isn't awkward enough, LOVE IN THE JUNGLE will dial up the cringeworthy moments and show contestants struggling to connect, communicate and flirt without speaking. The fourteen singles, who each identify as an animal they feel best resembles their personality, will compete in physical challenges each week that are grounded in real animal mating rituals to discover if they can find a partner through physical connection alone. They'll fight like aggressive toads, strut like flamingos, and bellow like red deer - all in the hope of finding love.

Shot on a private eco-reserve in Colombia, LOVE IN THE JUNGLE is hilariously narrated in the spirit of classic natural history documentaries, offering expert observational insight into the humans' animalistic behaviors as if seen for the first time in the wild.

Without the distractions and complications of modern human dating, will these disillusioned daters have a better shot at finding true and lasting love? Or will embracing their wild side while forfeiting verbal communication present more problems than solutions?

LOVE IN THE JUNGLE is produced for discovery+ by Boat Rocker, through Matador Content. The series is executive produced by Todd Lubin and Sam Brown of Matador Content, Jay Peterson of Boat Rocker Studios, Unscripted, and Scott Jeffress. For discovery+, Gretchen Morning is executive producer and Greg Wolf is coordinating producer.

April 11, 2022 8:00am ET by Discovery and Science Channel  

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