Digital Signage is Gradually Eliminating the Printing Factor

Delivering Instant Interactive Digital Content to the End User

Why Digital Signage?



Creative and Engaging Digital Signage Communication Solutions
media mea LLC is a Digital Signage development firm, specializing in the fabrication and customization of Indoor and Outdoor Interactive Digital Signage displays and Audience Measurement / Engagement Solutions. media mea is based in Atlanta, GA and operates also out of different locations throughout the continental USA and globally. Our operation in Hong Kong is responsible for fabrication and engineering development with a global support and logistics response team.
Our partners and distributors are located globally, which guarantees adequate quality service at exclusive low prices. In parallel, media mea assists its clientele in displaying their content and creativity by targeting the right audience with our suitable indoor and outdoor interactive audience engagement solutions along with its analytical measurement tools. Our clients enjoy 24/7 customer support that ensures great ongoing media mea quality and service.

Our Bespoke "media mea" name is derived from the historic Latin language which means "My Own Media". This is surely a commitment to the customized solution and dedicated perseverance we provide to our clientele.

Digital Signage is gradually eliminating the printing factor and facilitating content distribution to all designated media while adding Smart Audience Engagement and Measurement tools. By delivering instant interactive digital content to the end-user, our Content Management and Creation Solutions Software (CMS) are set to eliminate obstacles in broadcasting the created content instantly and in a timely defined matter.

We have partnered with C.A.S.S. (Choice Advisory Solution Services L.L.C. ) as the selected advertising and solutions agency, also several specialty Content Management Solution providers and Content Creators worldwide giving our customers the option in choosing the most effective and profitable way of creating, managing and delivering their own message through our media mea's range of indoor and outdoor LCD and LED display solutions. With this in mind, brands can better control their advertising campaigns and expand their corporate brand while maximizing their profit.

Antonio Choice is a USMC, Veteran and Founder/CEO of Choice Advisory Solution Services L.L.C. "C.A.S.S." a boutique full service digital out of home media and software solutions services firm based out of Roswell, Georgia. Mr. Choice architected and spearheaded the development, integration, onboarding, and operations of the turnkey programmatic advertising and streaming airport television solutions.

Digital Signage is the best way to project your organization's data, announcements and any information you would like your suppliers, customers, members or employees to see. With Digital Signage, you can combine video, graphics, announcements and other informational data on several LCD/ LED screens, digital display totems, kiosks, and billboards. In addition, you can include services such as stock market tickers, weather reports and news feeds to keep your constituents informed and engaged. Until very recently, this simply wasn't viable or cost-effective.
Our displays are affordable and are rivaling the printing costs of static posters over the course of time. With thin displays that can hang on any indoor or outdoor wall, and communicate through local network or cloud to fetch new content, hence, our product eliminates the need for employees to trot from display to display in order to manage each location.

media mea will always support all of its clientele through its diverse, high-quality digital media display products and solutions directly and through its distributors and partners worldwide.

Embed Signage Content Management Software
Embed Signage is media mea's cloud base Content Management Solution along with its Audience Analytics Digital add-ons. Our Content Management Solution can publish digital signage content to an unlimited number of registered, compatible devices while providing the tools needed in order to deliver needed content for each running Ad or information on the screen. Embed Signage is compatible with Mac, PC, Android, iOS, and other player devices as an BrightSign which means you can choose from a range of players suitable for your digital signage needs. Push content to tablets, MEV video walls and other media mea screens and touch displays can be managed using Embed Signage. Create multiple pages and specify zones interactions such as opening a web page or image jumping to new content, recording touch analytics and tracking how many times the content has been interacting with. With Analytics embedded in it, you can determine impression frequency and understand the amount of time traffic has been exposed to the same message.

BoardActive VisualMatic Solution
BoardActive takes Advertising to the next level. As an innovative technology, BoardActive provides increased engagement with tough-to-reach consumers for Brand companies. By adding geofenced promotional offering capabilities to Brands, BoardActive' software connects smartphone users to the world around them. Using BoardActive geolocation technology you will never miss out on the perfect spot to eat, shop, or find the best coupons nearby. This Add-On to your Mobile App is simple and easy to use. BoardActive extends the value of Brands by offering measurable analytics as well as geofenced promotional capabilities to motivate consumers to seek out and interact with additional media content. Listen to Joey Wenzler's Perception of BoardActive Software on Simple Tech Talk.

CMAS Content Management & Analytics Software
CMAS players are engineered to combine revolutionary CMS software / Audience Measurement Analytics with hardware that is ultra-compact and includes a lifetime replacement warranty. CMAS players seamlessly interface with media mea’s CMAS cloud-based network via wired or wireless Internet. The Wi-Fi-Sensor within the player measures traffic flow in real-time on a per campaign, sensor and time basis. It easily generates and schedules custom, automated email reports illustrating impressions, dwell-time, frequency and engagement metrics. It also triggers a one time URL pop-up once the mobile user joins its Wi-Fi Hotspot. This URL pop-up can be used for product and service promotions, advertisement and direct messages.



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