"Getting Started in Bitcoin & Crypto: The Ultimate Beginners’ Guide "

Step-by-step video walkthrough to help you learn about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, including how to get set-up and start investing TODAY


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It couldn’t be easier to get involved with Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin. Dchained, the leading education & news resource for cryptocurrency investors, has created an easy-to-understand, step-by-step-video course for beginners that is jam-packed with value that’s unmatched for a low price of $49.95:

1)3-Phase Online Video Course, complete with checklists, instructions and other downloads. Step-by-step video instruction with simple (and short) videos.

2)3-Months Free of the Dchained Membership where they provide you with educational guides, expert analysis, and members-only discounts across crypto sites.

3)Access to our Dchained Community Private FB Group where they will do live Q&As every Tuesday at 7PM Eastern to answer any and all questions you may have about your cryptocurrency and Bitcoin investing strategies.

4)Dchained Social Intelligence Investing Platform, a professional investing tool that retails for $1,200 per month that Dchained makes available for free for all of its members. This tool enables Dchained members to identify how investors are discussing & reacting to cryptocurrency in real-time so you can make smarter decisions ahead of market movements.

Phase 1: The Warm-up
i) What is Cryptocurrency & Blockchain
ii) What Makes Cryptocurrency Secure?
iii) Popular Cryptocurrencies and Utilizations?
iv) Cryptocurrency Regulation and Taxation

Phase 2: The Set-up
i) Setting Yourself Up for Success
ii) What to Know Before Investing in Crypto
iii) Crafting Your Crypto Investing Strategy
iv) Crypto Security and Crypto Wallets
v) How to Store Crypto & Wallet Set-up

Phase 3: Time to Invest
i) How to Sign Up for Coinbase
ii) How to Choose Which Crypto To Invest In
iii) How To Buy Crypto on Coinbase
iv) How to Move Crypto from Coinbase to a Hard Wallet

Course Description: The course is an easy-to-understand, step-by-step beginner's guide on how to get started in cryptocurrency. Starting with the basics, such as "what is cryptocurrency" and "what is blockchain," all subjects within the course are outlined in plain English. Led by Edmund McCormack (Founder of Dchained, a crypto education platform), the viewer is provided a hands-on walkthrough of how to set-up an account to buy and sell cryptocurrency and key tips for ensuring security for all of your investments.

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