The Talents of the World's Motto

"From World's Culture to Peace on the Planet."



The human spirit will never die if there is joy laughter and love. These beautiful elements of life are the vitamins the human spirit needs to survive. We live in a time where music is so very crucial to lift our spirits. The artists and staff of Talents of the World are heroes in my eyes because they are helping lift the human spirit.

The 3rd Annual Talents of the Music Festival, which usually takes place at Carnegie Hall. This year due to the pandemic, despite the pandemic the festival will instead be aired online from a studio in Newton, Mass. The event will include a variety of musical genres and features some of the greatest singers in the world, such as Aprile Millo (legendary soprano) who has sung with all of the greats including Luciano Pavarotti , Nino Surguladze (LaScala and Metropolitan Opera, performed with Placido Domingo of the three tenor's),

The gentle giant who stands almost seven feet tall Zachary James (Metropolitan Opera) who is very much known and appreciated for playing the role of Lurch on the Adams family, and was invited to be an official ambassador for Opera America. He was also featured on such TV shows as 30 Rock and Murphy Brown check out his IMDB

Maria Maksakova, whose voice and physical appearance are that of an angel will be performing at this sensational event. Maria is more than just a performer, she is truly a survivor which you can hear in her voice. Maria has endured and overcame such tragedy especially after the assassination of her husband.

This event will also feature many young artists and winners of numerous world international competitions this is an event unlike any that has occurred.

Various heartfelt magical performances will occur such as Broadway repertoire, operetta and a variety of other genres

The schedule is Saturday, December 12 - Classical Christmas with the Stars at 2PM, Sunday, December 20 - Holiday Pops from Around the World at 2PM

(2PM in Boston, USA; 8PM in Europe; 9PM in Ukraine; 10PM in Moscow, Russia; 11PM in Georgia)

FREE! DONATIONS are always appreciated On ZOOM (with interactive participation of the audience members and artists - the zoom link is sent after a donation of any size (suggested minimum $10) and on FACEBOOK LIVE (free) FB Invite

The Talents of the World's motto declares: "From world's culture to peace on the planet." In these difficult times, with threatening pandemic, political tension and wounded human souls, beautiful and divine music restores our hearts to a harmonious state, relieves tension and thereby contributes to the development of friendly relations between people, both in families and over long distances.

Please watch this sensational event music heals and this is truly a healing event for the world for more information please check out

Below are all of the performers (In Alphabetical Order)

Badri Adamia, tenor (Kutaisi Opera Theater)

Larisa Andreeva, mezzo-soprano (Stanislavsky Theater, Israeli Opera)

Anton Belov, baritone (Boston Lyric Opera)

Julia Carey, harpsichord (Juventas New Music Ensemble, BSO)

Giovanni Formisano, tenor (winner of Talents of the World Voice Competition, 2018)

David Gvinianidze, baritone (President of Talents of the World)

Tamar Iveri, soprano (LaScala)

Zachary James, bass (Metropolitan Opera)

Feride Jinjixadze, soprano (Kutaisi Opera Theater)

Jonah Kappraff, trumpet (Boston Pops)

Kutaisi Opera Theater Orchestra

Mladen Kosovec, accordeon (Mužek and Trio, Zagreb, Croatia)

Miroslav Lesić Lesique, guitar (Mužek and Trio, Zagreb, Croatia)

Olga Lisovskaya, soprano (Talents of the World)

Maria Maksakova, soprano (Kyiv Opera Theater)

Aprile Millo, legendary soprano (Metropolitan Opera)

Tomislav Modrić, piano (Mužek and Trio, Zagreb, Croatia)

Bryan Murray, baritone (Deutsche Oper Berlin, Winner of Talents of the World Voice Competition, 2019)

Tomislav Mužek, tenor (LaScala)

Maria Pakhar, soprano (Stanislavsky Opera, Bolshoi Theater)

Rimsky-Korsakov Quartet (St. Petersburg, Russia)

Brendon Shapiro, piano (LA Opera, Boston Lyric Opera)

Stanislav Serebriannikov, piano (Mariinsky Theater)

Nino Surguladze, mezzo-soprano (Metropolitan Opera)

Alexandre Zazarashvili, winner of The Voice Kids, Ukraine

more artists to be announced soon!

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