Kim says "If you can't find it DO IT"

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Kim Luiso went to the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale right out of high school. Life happened but Kim never stopped making, doing, and learning all kinds of arts and crafts. Television briefly gave her mentors to learn from, and the lack of current crafting programs inspired her to create Kim's Got Crafts.

If you cant find it DO IT. Kim brings her creativity to local TV (and YouTube)! Crafting with anyone willing to learn and play, including visitors, kids, guests, and celebrities of pop culture conventions. She creates masks, hats, wings, pop-ups, and pop culture crafts, all available to play with. Bring any idea to Kim, and she’ll surely say, “I’ve got a craft for that!!

More recently Kim brought her talents to the big screen in Clown Motel 2. Being a Unit Production Manager she got to help out and all areas behind the camera. One of Kim's dream come true moments was getting to do the makeup work of Psycan played by Ari Lehman the first Jason in Friday the 13th. Seeing a photo of Tom Savini painting touch-ups on Ari years prior Kim said I want to do that and she did.

After learning so much from some of the cast of Clown Motel 2. Kim found her confidence to give acting a chance in her debut performance in Scary Paranormal Movie. With the help of Writer Kadrolsha Ona Carole Kim brought the scenes to life and death.

Kim is a hit at Comic Cons. Parents and children love the craft corner at the comic cons she appears at.
Kim is behind the camera again in a live weekly youtube program The Bobby Luisi Show. If you listen in you just may hear her.

Check her social media links below to learn more about Kim and for her appearances.

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July 28, 2021 4:22pm ET by ES News  

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