Deorimatl 5th Year Anniversary

Oct. 1st. - 2nd.



On October 2, 2017, The Atlanta City Council passed legislation that would
decrease penalties for possessing less than an ounce of marijuana in Atlanta,
making the punishment comparable to getting a speeding ticket.

Under the city ordinance, a municipal judge has one option for punishment: a
$75 fine and no jail time. It did not make possessing marijuana legal. Selling or
possessing any amount of marijuana is still against the law.
“Anyone caught in possession of marijuana within the state of Georgia can be
punished under state law.”

In celebration of this historical advancement in criminal justice reform five
years ago, and in observing the state of repair needed in our great city, our state,
and across the country, We are calling for a day of peace and education on
cannabis as a therapeutic.

We will explore medicinal benefits, harm reduction, and wellness. In addition,
there will be a day of intentional love, service, and good deeds across the City
of Atlanta.

Join community leaders this weekend as they encourage supporters of cannabis,
CBD, criminal justice reform, economic opportunities through community
reinvestment, job creation, education, health care reform, and wellness to
register to vote. This engagement opportunity will allow voters to register,
update, and verify their voting precincts for the upcoming General Election.

“The state law says possession of any amount of marijuana is punishable with
up to a $1,000 fine and is a jail-able offense
up to six months.”

We are calling for our Governor and state officials to provide remedy and relief
to a stalled process for providing safe access for medical cannabis patients and
to amend state statutes to decriminalize possession of small amounts of

We are asking the President and Vice President to fulfill their promise to
decriminalize cannabis federally.

We need the Federal Government to allocate funding for research and
development for states with a viable medical program partnered with a college
or university that provides connectivity to community workshops, cannabis
programs, curriculum, and continued education programming.
This additional funding and resources will allow state and local municipalities
to address health disparities and mental health treatment and expand cannabis
research. In addition, creating this ecosystem will produce new jobs.

Saturday, October 1
(11 am – 7 pm) Hapeville Hemp Fest’s target mission is to engage and showcase retailers,
farmers, manufacturers, and consumers of CBD, Delta 8, CBG, and other forms of Hemp for
Equity & Earth Sustainability! This event will feature immersive and innovative experiences
focused on the beautiful world of hemp and its benefits.

(1:00 pm) - Organizers have joined forces with black leaders for a march from Center Parc
Stadium (Corner of Capital Ave & Hank Aaron Dr.) to march to the Georgia capital. “We are
sending a message to those in power, those seeking to gain control, and those looking to get
empowered that Black Men votes matter. Black male participation will be a deciding factor in
November’s General Election.

Sunday, October 2
Organizers have anchored pop-up day Parties and voter registration sites throughout the city to
highlight Atlanta’s Tourism & Nightlife, calling for supporters and ambassadors to fellowship
with food, fun, games, and the opportunity to get assistance with voter registration. Additionally,
we are calling for a day of peace and education on cannabis as a therapeutic.
For media inquiries, to host an educational/voter registration pop-up, or for more
information, contact Chris Brown at 404.849.6721


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