"I am That Girl" Book by Lisa Bagby

I Am Coming for Everything That They Said I Couldn't Have.



“Her eyes blackened with unfathomable pain as her tears bled unstoppable onto her notebook. She felt so empty, numb to the surroundings around her. She found herself falling into a deep state of grayness. She would walk but not feel the ground beneath her feet. She would hear voices that were talking but couldn’t understand what they were saying. They had made her feel like nothing. Her world went dark. She would be forever changed. She planted flowers to mark the grave of her loss love. Had she only known he had a gun she would of taken the bullet. A love that she soon would come to find out was all a lie. It was only after the fact that she came to realize his illegal activities and bad intentions for her. But she still didn’t hate him. She found compassion and forgiveness in her struggle.

Lisa Bagby is a retired EMT who likes to escape from the human drama by finding herself in nature where the real wild things are. After a particularly dramatic series of events in her life, including the death of her husband, a lawsuit and the death of a man who committed suicide on her property, Lisa turned to writing. when she was not absorbed in her work, Lisa enjoys hiking, animals, horseback riding. camping and cooking outdoors over an open fire.

With the skills of a survivalist, she knows she can make it in the wilds and elsewhere. Lisa also knows that you have to stand up to bullies and liars and not let them ruin you. At the same time, she knows that kindness is strength. "No One Should Sit Alone" that is her new motto.

Part of her book proceeds will be donated to Suicide Awareness.

Learn more about Lisa and her book on her social media sites.

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