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Ed Sheeran talks bulletproof coffee and 'being LA'

Singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran has revealed that while he's spending a fair amount of time in Los Angeles he won't become a paparazzi-searching fitness freak. 

Speaking to presenter Louise Roe on the 2014 GRAMMY Awards red carpet yesterday (January 26), Sheeran explained that he is excited by strange 'health' drinks that the city boasts, but he still wants to stay away from photographers and won't 'become LA':

"I had this thing yesterday called a bulletproof coffee... it's basically just a normal coffee, but with different stuff in. Instead of milk, it's butter - so your body treats it like food! I had it in the morning and didn't eat anything all day, and was up from 3am until 4am. It's in these healthy juice bars."

When asked if he has "gone LA" since being in the City of Angels, Sheeran added that he has no interest in bending to fit that stereotype: "No! There was a point where I went on a hike and there were 2 routes you could take; one with paparazzi and one without. I decided to go for... even though the one without was longer, just because I knew that my friends in England would see it and be like, 'oh, he's turned into a bit of a douche, hasn't he?!'"






Watch the interview in full below: