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Ed Sheeran performs three gigs in one day in Australia

Ed Sheeran has performed three shows in one day whilst in Australia.

The singer-songwriter is currently in the country to promote his upcoming new album 'x' and single 'Sing'.

He took to performing three shows on Monday (April 28), with the first for 16-year-old competition winner Shiralee Dennis in her home.

Speaking about that gig, Sheeran said: "Every time I do a house gig there's a dog there. And Sienna was a lovely dog today. And they were a lovely family."

The musician then performed at the Ding Dong bar in front of 200 radio competition winners before heading to the Ormond Hall to play for 700 people.

'x' meanwhile is due to be released in the UK on June 23.




Listen to Ed Sheeran's 'Sing' below: