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Ed Sheeran admits second album was scheduled for 2012 release

Ed Sheeran has revealed that his second album is almost two years late.

The singer first released a record in 2011 in the shape of '+', but he told the Daily Star that its follow-up was scheduled to be unleashed a year later.

However, 'x' is set to hit shelves in June this year, with the Brit stating that he wanted more time to work on songs.

Sheeran said: "It was meant to come out October 2012 but I felt I had so much to live up to with the first one that I wanted to give it a lot of time and to write the right songs for it."

The 'A Team' star added that he might team up with producer Timbaland on his third album, saying:

"We talked through doing something on this album but we never got round to it, so I’d like to go back in with Timbaland."

Watch Ed Sheeran's 'Sing' video below: