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Ed Sheeran on money: "Pop stars nowadays are sensible"

He may have had one of the most successful albums of the year and is set to play a trio of stadium concerts, but Ed Sheeran is wary about how he spends his money. 

The 'Sing' troubadour spoke to Q magazine about how he exercises caution when it comes to his finances. 

Ed explained how his manager set him on the right path by securing him a solid recording contract. 

Sheeran recalled: "Back in the day managers were crooks, record labels took 50 per cent, whereas now people are savvy... When I signed my deal, my manager who used to work at Atlantic [Records] said, 'I know the f**king deal you gave to James Blunt last week so you'll give Ed exactly the same deal because I know you can.' Before, it was, 'Record deal, cool, sign!'" 

The 23-year-old singer-songwriter added: "Pop stars nowadays are sensible. Because it doesn't last."  

Ed finished with some words of advice: "Do your time, earn your money, buy some property and when it all goes to sh*t you've got something to fall back on." 

Earlier this week Ed Sheeran announced two further shows he will be playing at Wembley Stadium next year. 

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