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Ed Sheeran plans to stay in England: 'I can't imagine living anywhere else'

British hitmaker Ed Sheeran has revealed that despite loving spending time in different parts of the world, he can't imagine making a country other than his native UK home. 

Speaking to the Daily Star newspaper, the 'Thinking Out Loud' superstar explained that England is very much where he intends to live although he enjoys the freedom of travelling for his career:

"I don't want to live anywhere but England. It'd be nice when I'm in the position to have a holiday home to have something somewhere else, but England is where my family and friends are, and I don't want to live anywhere else... Although I haven't lived anywhere technically for a long time, but I have houses I could live in if I wasn't working."

He went onto add that home is where your true friends are, and for him that's Suffolk: 'I lived in Nashville for a bit where there are loads of people to go and have a drink with and jam. But there's no one you can ring on a s**t day and be a d**k to. I can sit with my friends that I grew up with in Suffolk and complain and moan about anything and they'd be fine with it. My school friends will give advice based on the fact they've known me for 15, 20 years."

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