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Ed Sheeran on the trappings of fame: 'falling out over success and money'

Ed Sheeran told the Herald Sun newspaper in Australia: "Super yachts and hotels and hanging out with famous people are not the trappings of fame, for me it's falling out with family members and friends over money."

The 26-year-old singer-songwriter is widely considered to be one of the most grounded musicians in the business and Ed has revealed how the negative experiences of his mentor Sir Elton John have helped to guide him.

He said: "Most people jump over the edge. I can see how that can happen.

"I steer away at the right point, thankfully. I look at Elton John and how much he f***ked up when he was younger. You learn a lot from that."

Ed admitted he specifically fears falling out with his friends and family because of the success he's achieved over recent years.

Earlier this week, meanwhile, Ed revealed he was determined to write more songs completely on his own for his new album, as he wanted just his name on the credits of his next big hit.

In reference to his single 'Thinking Out Loud', Ed - who co-wrote the track with folk singer Amy Wadge - said: "If I had another song as big as that, I wanted it to just say my name on the credits. So I did a lot of solo writing, and that was one of the things that came out of it.

"I had in my mind what sound should be on what song, and which subject matter would be on which song - so I'd write 10 songs for that [idea].

"So there's six or seven songs about Suffolk, but 'Castle On The Hill' was the best one. And then there was a bunch of wedding songs, I guess, and 'Perfect' was the best one."

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