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Ed Sheeran opens up about music industry experiences

Ed Sheeran appeared as a guest on BBC Breakfast this morning (August 30) to talk about the phenomenal growth of his career over the past six months and to promote his new single and forthcoming album. 

The talented young singer-songwriter described his experiences so far as "pretty fun" and cited taking his parents to a live taping of Later with Jools Holland, on which he was a performer, as one of his most memorable moments to date. 

He also revealed that a personal phone call from Elton John came as a shock, but gave him the confidence to believe in himself and continue striving to make it as a musician:

"I got a little ding dong from Elton John. I'd met him at christmas, he runs the management company I'm signed to."

Talking about his new single, 'You Need Me, I Don't Need You', Sheeran explained how the song's subject matter is directed collectively at a group of people and at one point in his career was even advised to "lose the red hair". 

He concluded the interview by talking about his new single's video and stressed that he had intended to "make a music video for that song that had never been done before" so hired an actor who was fluent in sign language:

"Matt is an actor. Sign language would highlight the lyrical aspect of it. both his parents are deaf, but he's not and he knows how to do BSL fluently and he's just great."

Watch the video for 'You Need Me, I Don't Need You', in full, below: