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Ed Sheeran's £20 budget went on "fishnets and a crack pipe"

Ed Sheeran, who is currently working his way through a headlining UK tour, allowed fans free reign to ask him a series of questions and opened up about his debut music video, his style and his ambition. 

The talented young singer-songwriter revealed that there wasn't a defining moment that made him realise performing was what he wanted to do for a career and instead his passion grew steadily over the years:

"There's not really been a pinpointed moment where I kind of thought, 'wow, this is what I want to do', but over the course of the last decade I guess it's worked out that way and I've wanted to do it more and more and more as I've grown up."

"I'm on a mission to become a very good live act and I think that practise makes perfect."

He also explained that his £20 budget for the music video for 'The A Team' was spent on "fishnets and a crack pipe from Camden Market". 

Watch the full interview and his live performance of 'Small Bump' below: