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Ed Sheeran cut down on drinking because he is an "idiot" drunk

Ed Sheeran has said he has massively reduced his alcohol intake because he becomes an "idiot" when drunk.

Speaking to BANG Showbiz, Sheeran said that he has seemingly "inherited his father's genes" when it comes to his personality after a few jars.

He said he often just tells "not funny jokes" when he has been on the booze. He said:

"The reason that I don't drink is, I turn into an idiot. I've inherited my dad's genes, I just tend to tell not funny jokes when I'm drunk.''

When questioned if he had been drunk before, he replied: ''Yeah, I'm an English boy; I've had my cider on the park episodes. I stopped drinking because...I don't know, you find yourself drinking a lot in this industry, and if you stop drinking you find yourself not drinking a lot, which is a positive thing.''

Sheeran added that he does indeed still drink, but not as much. He said:

"It's a totally different experience. I still drink, I've not cut it out 100 per cent, but it's weird. You get a different reaction when you're sober to when you're drunk."




Watch the video for Ed Sheeran's 'Drunk' below: