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Ed Sheeran says Taylor Swift writing sessions were a "pleasure"

Ed Sheeran has spoken out on his recent collaboration with Taylor Swift, calling it a "pleasure".

The British singer-songwriter teamed up with Swift over the past couple of months to work on new material.

He told MTV that the country-pop singer is a "really cool" person and that she is also a good friend of his. He said:

"Taylor Swift is just really nice. She's a really cool person. I don't really know what else to say. She's just a good friend. It's a pleasure hanging out with her."

Sheeran added that the collaboration with Swift was something of a one-off and that he is looking forward to writing music specifically for himself again. He said:

"I mean, I've written a lot of songs and a lot of them are getting placed at the moment with different acts. I'll do that all day long. But as far as writing fresh songs, right now the Taylor thing was an exception because I think she's great. But right now I can only concentrate on writing stuff for me."




Watch Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift jam together below: