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Ed Sheeran has finished writing his second album

British singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran has confirmed that the writing process for his upcoming sophomore album is finally complete and the record can be expected "early next year".

Speaking from the Billboard Music Awards' 'blue carpet' last night (May 19), the 'Lego House' superstar explained that there was a delay because of his current 'Red' tour with Taylor Swift, but progress is being made:

"I turned it in today. It's (due) early next year. It was going to be this year but I don't finish touring till October and then there's no time to get a plan together. I'm going to spend October, November, December planning and then just smash it out next year."

When asked about recording, Sheeran confessed that it will being towards the end of this summer: "All the songs are written. I'm going in to record them in August. The direction will take shape then."

"The songs are good, which is the main thing. I think you can have good songs and then you can put any sort of production behind it but as long as the songs are good."





Watch Sheeran perform at the awards ceremony here: