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Elbow admit "we've done only one gig without drink"

Elbow have only performed one gig sober in their entire career, frontman Guy Garvey has revealed. 

The band, who have launched their own brand of beer, 'Build A Rocket Boys!', explained to The Times newspaper that without having a drink before a performance they simply don't work:

"We enjoy drinking. It's hand in hand with music. We've done only one gig without drink. It didn't work. Everyone in the audience was happy but (we weren't)."

"It relaxes you, but obviously you've got to measure it. If I went on stage without a drink, the sound of my voice would be different. Whether you're playing to 350 people or 180,000, you get this huge rush of adrenaline."

Garvey was quick to add that the alcohol doesn't affect their confidence as musicians, but just helps to keep things "fun":

"It gives me a waver in my voice and drink counteracts that. But the whole ethos of the band is that it's got to be fun, and the one rule is if it stops being fun, that's when we stop doing it."




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