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Elbow tease 'epic' Olympics song

Elbow have teased a few details about the song they are working on for the London 2012 Olympic Games and described the track as "epic". 

Pete Turner, the group's bassist, explained to that they are excited about how the cut is turning out:

"That was really good. Just an area that we've never explored, really, writing something specifically for something else. And it was great; really good fun."

"It's a pretty epic tune. It's got the Philharmonic Orchestra and the London Community Gospel on it. I'm looking forward to hearing that. I think it gets its first airing in March."

He also added that they were picked for the job above other British acts, although they never found out who they were up against:

"We knew there were other people in the running, but we were never told who, which is probably quite a good thing, really."




Watch the band's studio performance of 'Lippy Kids' below: