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Ellie Goulding sympathises with Justin Bieber: 'It's such a weird life to live'

'Starry Eyed' songstress is the latest music figure to speak out about Justin Bieber's recent arrest and revealed that she feels sympathetic towards him because it's not easy to live such a public life. 

19-year-old Bieber was arrested in Miami yesterday for DUI and driving without a licence, and Goulding has admitted to Capital FM that the pressure you're under as a public figure is often unbearable so she isn't really surprised that he has been acting out lately:

"Everyone goes through that phase of kind of just messing up a little bit, I did as well. It's such a weird life, not to go all deep and serious but at his level, even at my level which is way down from his, it's weird. You have to do some weird stuff and your life can get a bit intense."

"It's not surprising that every so often you mess up and it just happens. I think everyone has an epiphany eventually and realises that they've messed up and they're not in a good place and you correct it." 

The beauty went on to add that the press are quick to bash the Canadian sensation because of the way in which he sometimes behaves, but she confessed that while he has made some mistakes she thinks this will be a wake-up call and will get him back on track:

"People are being quite harsh about him. I find it hard to be that critical. I cannot possibly relate to what his life is like."

"There are people in this world and in this industry that have done really well and are really successful, and deal with it in the right way, but still I think even people like that have been through a phase where everything gets a bit too much. You have to be in a bad place to [get] back in a good place and know what it's like."



Watch Goulding talk about Bieber's arrest here: