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Ellie Goulding wants full album with Skrillex

Ellie Goulding has revealed that she wants to make a full album with boyfriend Skrillex.

The pair collaborated on the track 'Summit' earlier this year and the 'Lights' star told the AP that she wants to go one further and work on a full record.

She added that they are wholly professional when it comes to talking about music. The British singer said:

"I think in an ideal world we'd love to make a whole record together...but it just so happens that we're both ridiculously busy. When it comes to music, it honestly is really professional. Honestly."

Goulding continued: "If we start talking about music on the phone, it switches immediately to being professional, and not on purpose, but because we're both so passionate about music and it's a very serious thing to us. But at the same time we've had fun making stuff, and I have fun listening to his new stuff because it blows my mind and it's so clever to me, so fascinating it makes me want to laugh, and I laugh because it's so brilliant. He's listened to a lot of my stuff in the early stages. It's really good to have one person, regardless of whether they're a musician or not, it's good to have one person to keep referencing to and asking [his or her] opinion. He's definitely been good to have around during the making of [new album] 'Halcyon'."




Listen to Skrillex and Ellie Goulding's 'Summit' below: