Billboard-Featured RnB Producer & Artist MATELL Makes a Bold Statement in “Fragile (Help Someone)”


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Billboard-featured RnB producer and artist Matell is making a bold statement in this, his new single “Fragile (Help Someone)” — available now.

Heralded for previous releases like “I apologize 2u & u2,” “Quickly,” “Low expectations,” “I said I’m Gonna Go, Oops, Oops Upside Your Head” — and the strong response from the multi-licensed “My conversations with God” — the Colorado-based singer/songwriter aims to leverage “Fragile (Help Someone)” to send a heartfelt, intimate message against the violence that’s become normalized in recent years.

One can assume the track’s crude, bare-bones approach aims at creating a sobering effect to the harsh reality that has become normality throughout Northern America, and the world. When asked, Matell indicated he was intending this piece as a “we are the world meets 2021.”

The minimal beat, which borders between call-and-response, and a much more meditative musical texture, calls to the melancholy of what the two eras shared — a true catastrophe that’s affecting all of humanity in those specific times, and a cry to protect what this world has to offer that’s fragile, but at the very center of humanity itself.

Artistically speaking, Matell shines with sensitivity in this take. The lyricism in this performance underlines a very difficult time, and how fragile our world is, as well as the importance of bonding together through difficult times. The bold arrangement is sparse and translates well to the hardship of both the pandemic, just as Haiti back in the 80’s, while showcasing Matell’s soulful melodies.


April 25, 2021 8:34pm ET by Eric Alper Public Relations  

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