Balearica Music, more than radio

The Ibiza-based project will also offer content, services and experiences related to the music and lifestyle industries.

Anna Tur, Miguel Garji, Alex Kentucky and Katie Knight are some of the visible faces of the project, a team of professionals well known in the radio industry.

Broadcasting begins on December 21 2021 and among its first international actions will be the official broadcast of the BPM Festival in Costa Rica.


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Balearica Music by TLT Concepts is born as a new concept in communication and audiovisual experiences. Its first objective is to modernise and promote the evolution of radio, leaving behind its more traditional parameters and adapting it to the digital era and new forms of consumption.

Behind its creation are well-known faces in the radio industry such as Anna Tur, Miguel Garji, Alex Kentucky and Katie Knight. A team of professionals passionate about music and with extensive experience in radio as well as in communication, entertainment and new technologies.

The roots of Balearica Music come from the Balearic sound, a concept that has made the white island one of the most influential cultural reference points on an international level. And from this solid base, Balearica Radio will offer a wide range of styles and genres: electronic, lounge, soulful, indie, organic, deep, house, techno, and even pop and rock bands from the 70s, 80s and 90s. An experience only suitable for open, restless and selective minds.

Balearica Music’s first international action will take place at BPM Festival Costa Rica. From January 12, 2022 Balearica Radio will broadcast a daily two-hour programme from the festival as one of the official media partners. The brand will also have its own showcase which will take place on the first day of the festival and will feature performances by Anna Tur, Gonçalo, Alex Kennon and Yulia Nico.

And that's not all. In spring Balearica Music will open its physical headquarters and it will be then that this multiplatform of entertainment and production services will be fully unveiled. Balearica Radio will be joined by Balearica Experience, Balearica Productions and Balearica Music Hub. A combination that will offer users a 360º experience around the music business and lifestyle on the Balearic Islands.

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