Fox Nigon releases new single ‘Today’s the Day’

An anthem for the 2020s


Fox Nigon

With his ever-increasing fanbase, Fox’s new release represents a departure from his slower, more bluesy tracks of late. ‘I wanted to put out something more vibrant, with more energy that would get people on their feet and moving’ he says.

‘Today’s the Day’ is an anthem for the 2020s with a direct and simple message: a rallying cry for the world to move from inaction to changing the world for the better, a call for all nations to join together in peace and love, a love that extends not only to one another but also to nature.

‘Today’s the Day’ is an independent release free from the involvement of the corporate music industry and Fox’s unique vocal personality makes its mark on a track that will get under your skin.

This is a collaboration with English songwriters and producers Rob and Jacques Butler, (father and son). Lyricist Rob says: “Inspired by the theme of ‘change’ in Fox’s original French version, I wanted to take Fox’s dark vision of the world implicit in the verse and move into the glorious sunshine of hope that the chorus and guitar theme represent.”

Jacques, who came up with the guitar theme, comments: “my idea was always to create something that would get people up and moving in the spirit of Avicii and David Guetta, to blend with the more organic textures of the song.”

With its uplifting infectious melody, ‘Today’s the Day’s’ EDM rhythm is making audiences get up and dance wherever it is played.

On its release, the track will be supported by an amazing video – a colourful animation, which will appeal to those nostalgic about the 1970s, as well as the youngest audiences.

Credits :
Lyrics written by Rob Butler
Music composed by Fox Nigon
Music adapetd form the original song "Je veux changer" written and composed by Fox Nigon - c 2018
Arranged by Rob Butler and Jacques Butler at Studio 110, Old Marston, Oxford UK
All guitars by Jacques Butler
Executive producer: Matt Butler
Video :
Realisation : Unicorn Animation Studio India
Production : Web Spirit USA

Artist : Fox Nigon
Title : Today's The Day
ISRC Audio: FR9W12021093
ISRC Video: FR1A92002032
Distribution : Imusician
Production : Web Spirit - Fox Nigon, Rob Butler and Jacques Butler
Release date : September 10, 2020
Style : EDM


‘Today’s the Day’ is released in the wake of Fox’s previous successes ‘God Lives In Hell’ (270k streams on Spotify, 160k views on YouTube), and his masterpiece ‘The Game Is Over’ (320k streams on Spotify, 90k views on YouTube), recorded in the UK by producer Matt Butler (whose clients include Paul McCartney, Mick Jagger, Jan Smit, Dire Straits, Pink Floyd, Electric Light Orchestra) supported by an official video directed by French filmmaker Florent Charles, which has enjoyed universal critical acclaim, perhaps most notably from Rolling Stone Magazine.

Nicknamed the ‘The Dark Crooner’. Fox Nigon is famous in Europe, recognized as a French singer-songwriter surfing on his own style of rock, pop, folk and blues. He is also the former Godfather of France AVC, an organization for stroke research and prevention. As a stroke-survivor himself he is now very much in good shape.

Born in Lorraine, France, he was attracted to the Spanish scene in 2014, performing solo or with local artists, after which he recorded and performed in France and the UK. With very personal lyrics and memorable melodies, Fox released his first album in 2018, ‘être ET renaître’, drawing comparisons with Serge Gainsbourg, Alain Bashung and Jacques Higelin . His second album ‘to be AND to be', recorded in Liverpool and Cheltenham UK, was released in 2019.

In his songs, Fox shares with us his dark vision of the world, but one that is always full of hope. His main artistic influences come from the likes of Joe Cocker, Banners, Lou Reed, Simply Red, and Bruce Springsteen. With Joe Cocker, he shares a gritty yet natural vocal texture, and a unique tenderness, in a sound with its emphasis on delicate piano, hypnotic harmonies, and surprisingly intimate lead singing.

Source Fox Nigon

May 30, 2021 11:57am ET by Fox Nigon  

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