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From the EP Auguries


Fox Nigon

Title : Save the bees
Artist : Fox Nigon
Style : Pop-Folk
Language : English
Origin : France
Label : Web Spirit
Release date : 21.05.2021

Credits :
Music & Lyrics written by Fox Nigon and Rob Butler
Production: Web Spirit - Fox Nigon - Matt Butler
Orchestration: Rob Butler & Matt Butler
Vocal production and arrangement : Rob Butler
Arrangement by Gilles Vrijders and Matt Butler
Mixed by Matt Butler
Recording Engineers : Florent Charles, Jack Mallette, Rob Butler & Sam Golden
Studios: Studio 110 (UK) - The Stone House (UK) - Studio MySound (France)
Guitar: Erwan Anadon
Piano: Jimmy Smith
Bass: Romain Brusini
Fender Rhodes Electric Piano: Matt Butler
Drums: Laurent Julia
Choirs: Rob Butler
Video Production: Web Spirit - Fox Nigon
Images : Octavian Pictures - Storylocks

"Save the bees" story

It is a committed song, for the defense of the planet and for the climate.
From backing vocals to guitar solo, it's a catchy tune, polished melody, and simple lyrics, made to be easily memorized and played back by anyone. An anthem so that this summer is at the service of our world, of the environment...
Save The Bees is the sixth track from Fox Nigon third album.
A world of pollution, chemicals and electromagnetic waves, this is our environment, in the midst of global warming ... In 1555, Nostradamus published the Prophecies, where he predicted that one day, the disappearance of bees would herald the beginning of a terrible disaster for humanity.
Grandson of a beekeeper, honey and nature lover, I can see that we see fewer and fewer bees.
I wrote this song for all those who believe in change, and who dream of a better world. It is not too late.


Name : Fox Nigon
Style : Pop-Rock / Blues
Origin : France
Label : Web Spirit
Success : God lives in Hell (2018) - The game is over (2019) - Bad Boy (2020)
Albums : être ET renaître (2018) - to be AND to be (2019) - Auguries (2021)
Medias : RollingStone Magazine - WRDE Coast TV - 21 WFMJ - The Independent Music Times - Le Parisien - KMS - DirectActu - Lbc Musique - Radio Riviera Montreux - Beverley FM - K-Ty Radio...
Streams / Views : 4.5 Million
Engagements : Godfather of the Federation France AVC (stroke research and prevention)

Source Fox Nigon

June 8, 2021 12:21pm ET by Fox Nigon  

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