Aimer Un Copain : New single and video by Fox Nigon

A french anthem to friendship and tolerance

Fox Nigon New Release


Fox Nigon

Title : Aimer un copain
Artist : Fox Nigon
Style : DownTempo - ElectroRock
Language : English
Origin : France
Label : Web Spirit
Release date : 21.05.2021

Credits :
Music & Lyrics written by Fox Nigon and Rob Butler
Production: Web Spirit - Fox Nigon - Matt Butler
Orchestration: Matt Butler
Keyboard: Jimmy Smith
Guitar: Erwan Anadon
Bass: Romain Brusini
Drums: Laurent Julia
Program Drums : Matt Butler
Recording Engineers : Florent Charles, Jack Mallette, Sam Golden
Studios: Studio 110 (UK) - The Stone House (UK) - Studio MySound (France)
Video Production: Web Spirit - Fox Nigon
Images : Octavian Pictures - Storylocks

"Aimer un copain" story

Fox Nigon's new release 'Aimer Un Copain' is a song from the '2021' album.
Stop your prejudices, remove those labels!
We are constantly tracked down, analyzed, cataloged. For a specific action, or a personal trait, they predict our behavior, we are placed in a category, we are locked in a box.
I claim the right for everyone to be outside the norm, to evolve and change, to simultaneously subscribe to contradictory ideas, to defend the opinion of a camp without being part of it and to reject proposals coming from his own camp , to refuse the single thought to celebrate diversity; simply, to be complex, to be human, to be free.
In homage to Stéphane, David, Michel, Guillermo ...


Name : Fox Nigon
Style : Pop-Rock / Blues
Origin : France
Label : Web Spirit
Success : God lives in Hell (2018) - The game is over (2019) - Bad Boy (2020)
Albums : être ET renaître (2018) - to be AND to be (2019) - Auguries (2021)
Last show : Festival Pop'Arts - Antibes - France
Medias : RollingStone Magazine - WRDE Coast TV - 21 WFMJ - The Independent Music Times - Le Parisien - KMS - DirectActu - Lbc Musique - Radio Riviera Montreux - Beverley FM - K-Ty Radio...
Streams / Views : 4.5 Million
Engagements : Godfather of the Federation France AVC (stroke research and prevention)

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September 15, 2021 2:57pm ET by Fox Nigon  

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