Fox Nigon's third studio album, "Adsum", a vibrant fusion of genres and emotions

With "Adsum", Fox Nigon delivers his most successful album to date.

"Adsum", new Fox Nigon's album, is available since April 5, 2023


Fox Nigon

ADSUM, the third album by singer-songwriter Fox Nigon, is a veritable cocktail of style and a mix of genres.
Produced in collaboration with British producer Matt Butler (Paul Mc Cartney, Madness, Kool And The Gang, Tears For Fears…), who handled all the arrangements, and with the invaluable help of Rob Butler, who handled the vocal production, Fox presents his most accomplished album.
Recorded across 3 countries (France, Spain and United Kingdom), with the help of 3 studios (Mysound, Studio 110 and The Stone House), it's the culmination of two and a half years of work.

Categorically refusing to be locked into a single musical style, Fox happily moves from pop to rock, from blues to electro, offering jazzy nods, and using vintage sounds as well as classical or current.
The musical link can certainly be found at the level of the approach to cinematographic illustration which characterizes the whole of the work.

The album was written by bringing together different tables of reflections, recalling how much Fox Nigon is above all a committed author.
It deals with the themes of the environment (Today's The Day, Save The Bees), war and peace (A Day After, Drink Their Tears), conspiracy and the new world order (Mister Fear, No No No), toxic relationships or love (My Girl, My Love Is True), old age and death (At The Bar In The After Life), but also hope and salvation (Good Vibes With You).

From the first note, it's clear that this album isn't just another collection of songs, but rather a breathtaking musical journey with a message.

Behaving like a real showman, Fox can live a song, tell a story through it, put the listener in someone else's's his favorite terrain.

"Adsum" is available on all streaming or download platforms, and on CD at good record stores, on Amazon, and in the official Fox Nigon online store.


Summary :
Style : Folk / Pop-Rock / Blues
Origin : France / Spain
Label : Web Spirit
Producer : Matt Butler
Success : God lives in Hell (2018) - The game is over (2019) - Bad Boy (2020) – Aimer Un Copain (2021) - Good Vibes With You (2022)
Main Medias : RollingStone Magazine - WRDE Coast TV - 21 WFMJ - The Independent Music Times - Le Parisien - KMS - DirectActu - Radio Riviera Montreux - Beverley FM - K-Ty Radio...
YouTube Views : 2.5 Million
Spotify Streams : 6.1 Million
Engagements : Godfather of the Federation France AVC (stroke research and prevention)
The song Drink Their Tears was selected by the collective Musicians United For Ukraine.

Discography :
Albums :
2023 : Adsum
2020 : to be AND to be
2018 : être ET renaïtre
EP :
2021 : Auguries
Singles :
2023 : My Love Is True
2022 : Good Vibes With You – At The Bar In The Afterlife
2021 : Chanson de Noël – My Girl – Aimer Un Copain – Le Temps Qui Passe – Save The Bees – A Day After – Drink Their Tears – No No No -
2020 : Today’s The Day - Bad Boy - Mister Fear – Love Me Again – Drunk Lover – Dark World – Aloha
2019 : The Game Is Over – I Don’t Want You – Papuans Are In The Streets – Your Wonderman
2018 : God Lives In Hell - Laissez-moi Chanter
2014 : La Fiesta Se Fue

Main Stages :
France :
Antibes : Festival de Jazz
Paris : L’Etage
Clermont-Ferrand : Festival de court métrage
Vietnam :
Hanoï : Bin Mihn Jazz Club

Bio :
Fox Nigon is a French singer songwriter surfing on his own style of pop, rock, folk and blues, the origin of his nickname : “The Dark Crooner”.
Born in Lorraine, France, he quickly moved abroad for professional reasons. In 2008, following a stroke, he left all his former activities, to take refuge in music, a therapy that allows him to rebuild.
This accident of life has considerably influenced his music. Today, he shares with us his dark vision of the world, but always full of hope.
He is the former Godfather of France AVC, an organization for stroke research and prevention.
With very personal lyrics, neat music, a particular voice, this dark crooner who never leaved his hat and sunglasses, found his actual style after a stay in Liverpool, where he plunged back into the sources of rock and English pop.

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April 4, 2023 8:00pm ET by Fox Nigon  

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