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Founded by writers and producers Violet Skies & Charlie McClean, sheWrites’ mission is to bridge the gender gap in music by connecting female creatives from around the world by creating undeniable, brilliantly crafted commercial music with female artists, songwriters, and producers. Partnering with SILO: Music, a multi-faceted music company with strong ties in the sync community, the collaboration—which launched yesterday (March 8, 2021) on International Women’s Day—aims to take advantage of the virtual setting, bringing together female songwriters, producers & composers from around the world to participate in the first camp of its nature.

The SILO: Music and sheWrites camp—happening over the next few weeks of virtual sessions— features over 20 participants including:

Bettina Bergström
Violet Skies
Kiah Victoria
Cait Cole
Daphne Willis
Hannah V
Tima Dee
Autumn Rowe
Sam Bruno
Julie Hardy
Keely Bumford
Sarah Close
Liv Miraldi
Genevieve Vincent
Harley Moon Kemp
Alexis Kesselman
Brooke Williams
Alex O'Shaughnessy

Building from both organizations' success in the virtual setting, sheWrites recently completed their first remote Kpop writing camp While in July, 2020, SILO: Music and Prescription Songs organized the first entirely virtual trailer / promo camp, marking the companies’ second collaboration following the success of their 2019 camp, from which the output was featured in promos for HBO, A&E and Airbnb, as well as television placements in Siren, Dark, and Lucifer.

Recent SILO: Music Placements--
'Soul' | "So Good" TV Spot | Pixar
'Antebellum' starring Janelle Monaé | Trailer
'Birds of Prey' | Official Trailer 2
‘Herself’ | Official Trailer
‘Judas and the Black Messiah’ | Official Trailer
Resistance Exclusive Trailer #1 (2020) | Movieclips Trailers
'The Equalizer' (CBS) | TV Promo
Google | Year In Search 2019
Airbnb | Advertisement
Gatorade | Fueled by the Beast | Advertisement

"Throughout our eight+ years of work in the sync space, we have personally noticed an overwhelming disparate number of female versus male participation in this field. With that being said, when sheWrites came to us with the chance to do our part to change this, we jumped at the opportunity,” states SILO:’s Jack Ormandy. “Though we understand this is only one small piece of a larger problem this industry has faced throughout its history, we are thrilled to partner with sheWrites in giving women a hand up in a vocation where these immensely talented creatives have far too often been overlooked. We are honored to be part of this moment in history and plan on this being the first of many future endeavors in involving more women in the sync space."

“At sheWrites we've found the pandemic hasn’t stopped us, and has in fact allowed us to find new ways of working and bringing women together internationally, including a Kpop camp with Interscope last winter,” shares sheWrites co-founder Violet Skies. “I met SILO co-owner Neil Ormandy on a writing session and we spoke about bringing more women into the male-dominated sync world and we're so happy the SILO team has helped us make that a reality. We've brought together the best in sync and pop talent, and Charlie and I are extremely excited to be working with SILO on this sync camp!”



Music is a multifaceted music company bridging the gap between the worlds of sync and pop. Founded in 2014 by brothers Jack and Neil Ormandy, SILO: began as a boutique sync agency representing independent artists in the film/TV space.

Blossoming over the past six years, SILO: now boasts a roster of 134 indie artists and 23 producers/composers in the trailer division. Their work has been featured in hundreds of projects across film/TV/ads and in trailers for feature films including Birds of Prey, Ad Adstra, Gemini Man, Sonic The Hedgehog, Star Wars: Rogue One, etc. In 2018, SILO: Music partnered with renowned management company, Milk & Honey, creating joint venture Milk & Honey SILO:. Combining rosters, their focus lies in super-serving advertisement clients’ campaigns with original songs, pre-existing tracks for licensing, as well as custom cues.

In addition to their work in sync, SILO: Music is a growing force in the pop songwriting community, managing a roster of top tier clients including Jonas Jeberg (Panic at the Disco, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato), Neil Ormandy (James Arthur, Bebe Rexha, Alesso), & Martin Wave (Chloe Lilac, COTIS, Pell). Furthering their reach, in 2017 SILO: established their own publishing venture and is actively signing clients to both their sync and pop-facing rosters. At the core of SILO: Music is a humanistic approach to creation. A grass-root operation with close ties to the creatives they work with, SILO: aims to pay close attention to their clients’ needs, delivering distinct creative and professional direction, where quality is the key focus and artistry is never compromised.

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