JaiJai Prince New Music Video: Creatures of the Night

23 year old singer-songwriter Jai Jai Prince dives headfirst into debauchery in his intoxicating new music video for “Creatures of the Night”.

Raised on everything from heavy metal and glam rock to classic 90s pop, London-based artist Jai Jai Prince began using songwriting as a form of therapy after feeling alienated during his teenage years. Soon enough, Jai Jai’s passion would carry him to the big city, where he’d discover a wild party scene that continues to influence his sound even today.   

In 2015, Jai Jai began to establish himself in the London music scene with his debut single, “Through the Looking Glass” – an uptempo, dark pop ballad which tempers fairy tale fantasies with the rough realities of modern dating.

Similarly, his latest single “Creatures of the Night” takes a trashy, party pop song and turns it on its head to reveal the grisly realities lurking underneath. Filmed under the faded light of his apartment, the video lavishes itself with arresting visuals, glamorous ensembles and sparkling gold glitter to fully capture feelings of personal freedom and liberation. Jai Jai has said that “It’s a shoutout to all of those people, good or bad, that are a part of the club scene and about being unapologetically proud of living within the anti-reality of nightlife”.

Combining his love of fashion, art and film, Jai Jai manages to deliver a compelling visual debut for fans to escape into.

The track is available to download or stream now.

Watch the music video below:

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