New Music: KELA PARKER, A Folk Star On The Rise to Shine

Kela Parker’s Third Studio album ‘The Dreamer & The Dream’ Out Now

American singer-songwriter Kela Parker is set to take the indie music scene by storm with the release of her latest album ‘The Dreamer & The Dream’. As the anticipation continues to rise after the release of her hit single ‘Be A Child’ (featured on the album), Kela Parker has just announced her third studio album ‘The Dreamer & The Dream’, available now.  The album will be accompanied by a special album release show on April 27th at AMPLYFi LA, which is not to be missed.

Kela’s angelic vocals and heavenly melodies work to create a soulful journey from her unique sound. Her latest album tells a beautifully heartfelt story as a reflection of her music. Singer, composer, and multi-instrumentalist Kela Parker takes us to a land of soulful folk transitions in her latest release. Kela’s inspiration for 'The Dreamer & The Dream' was derived from a character she encountered in a dreamlike state. Effortlessly weaving together diverse genres such as jazz, folk, pop and classical, Parker further enforces her musicality as a living tapestry that flows in a pattern that feels unusual, but also familiar. Her music allows her listeners to travel back in time, back to her roots of folk music and onwards towards the present state of modern music with her love of indie-pop.

Mirroring the artist, the making of the album began in Portland, Oregon after later moving to New York, where she worked with Grammy-award-winning engineer Rocky Gallo (John Legend, Norah Jones). Inviting her listener to jump between different states, the wide roster of musicians and recording locations from coast to coast, as well as Parker's field recordings, further portray a feeling of travel throughout the album. Her depth and understanding of her craft allows 'The Dreamer & The Dream' to be Kela Parker's most seamlessly sewn album yet.

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