London Rapper C86 Launches Music Video For His New Single ‘The Dark Ages’

London Rapper C86 Sheds Light on the Fall of Social Morality- Today launching the Music Video for His New Single ‘The Dark Ages’


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In a brand new release, the music video from London hip-hop artist ‘C86’ has just been launched for his latest single ‘The Dark Ages’.

Relative to the title, ‘The Dark Ages’ surely makes the cut for mysterious obscurity, nonetheless catching our attention to wait for what will happen next.

Hailing from the suburbs of North London, C86 started out writing and producing tracks over the last few years, eventually honing in on his own individual sound. In a unique compilation of rap and hip-hop, C86’s versatility braces him as an artist like no other, reflecting a powerful stream of formality, verbal clarity and vocal acuity in his music.

With a detailed rap flow, C86 creates a movement of experimental hip-hop, showcasing his talents of songwriting and inimitable production in his new single. ‘The Dark Ages’ illustrates a shadowy self-reflective ballad, touching on the subjects of a reality where social moralities are on the decline. The music video for the track portrays a moody collection of reverse-stop-motion imagery with a gloomy, dark lighting structure.

The nightmarish tale of social proposition holds ‘The Dark Ages’ as one of C86’s most innovative and expressive works yet. After the release of his “Shadow in The Darkness” EP, C86 exposes himself, and the dark side towards a social ideology, to create an alternative spoken rhyme track that’s wordplay works to cultivate a message of social normativity, one that’s prominent within today’s contemporary urban scene.

As the ultimate stepping stone to his new-wave of music production, ‘The Dark Ages’ gives us a vividly exclusive take on the urban music scene, shooting us into a thought-provoking piece from an artist who is not afraid to push the boundaries of modern rap music.

June 4, 2018 11:09am ET by The Famous Company  

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